Agile Innovation Fund

Agile Innovation Fund: A game-changing opportunity

Innovation is key to the growth and success of any business, and the Agile Innovation Fund is a game-changer in this regard. The grant provides businesses with the opportunity to invest in innovative projects that have the potential to transform their operations.

Understanding the agile innovation fund

The Agile Innovation Fund aims to support the development of new and innovative products by providing financial assistance to businesses. It primarily focuses on supporting the creation of new or substantially improved products, services, or processes. An essential feature of this fund is its accessibility to projects where the total cost is under €300,000, making it a valuable resource for businesses aiming for impactful innovation without immense financial burdens.

Benefits of the agile innovation fund for businesses

Financial boost

Offers significant funding, reducing the cost of innovative projects.

Quick approvals

The fast-track process gets projects started swiftly.

Promotes R&D

Encourages businesses to dive into research and development.

Market edge

Helps companies gain a competitive advantage with new innovations.

Risk cushion

Financial support mitigates the inherent risks of innovation.

Network access

Connects businesses to Enterprise Ireland's expertise and resources.

Who can benefit from the agile innovation fund

The Agile Innovation Fund is beneficial for various entities, from SMEs seeking to stay competitive to start-ups needing financial backing for their ideas. Established firms aiming for product evolution, research bodies transitioning innovations to the market, and entrepreneurs with visionary concepts all stand to gain. Additionally, foreign businesses establishing in Ireland can utilise this grant to bolster local innovation.

How The Agile Executive can help businesses secure the agile innovation fund

Tailored expertise

Our vast network of executives provides you with specialised guidance, ensuring your business is best positioned to qualify for the fund.

Seamless application process

Let us handle the application details, crafting a compelling application that showcases the potential of your innovation.

Perfect project alignment:

We ensure your innovative projects align seamlessly with the fund's objectives, be it a ground-breaking product, service, or a pivotal process improvement.

Continuous engagement

Our commitment doesn't end at application submission. We stand by you, addressing queries, and ensuring all post-funding conditions are met.

Broader funding opportunities

Our expertise is not limited to the Agile Innovation Fund. We have helped hundreds of SMEs and have helped businesses get access to more than €5m in grants and support.

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