Digital Discovery Grant

What is a digital discovery grant

The Digital Discovery Grant is an initiative backed by Enterprise Ireland. Its primary purpose is to support and encourage companies to craft a strategic roadmap for their transition into the digital realm. This roadmap encompasses a comprehensive review of a company’s existing systems, processes, and capabilities, and delves into exploring new opportunities presented by the digital age.

Benefits of the digital discovery grant for businesses

Financial Leverage

With Enterprise Ireland shouldering 80% of the project cost up to a maximum of €6,300, businesses can undertake comprehensive digital transformations without being burdened by excessive expenses.

Expert Consultancy

The grant facilitates up to 7 days of external consultancy. This means businesses get the advantage of expert insights and recommendations, driving their digital strategy forward.

Flexible Budgeting

The grant covers consultancy costs up to €900 per day, inclusive of all associated expenses. While this is the maximum rate supported, businesses have the flexibility to choose consultants whose rates might be higher or lower, ensuring they find the perfect fit for their specific needs.

Strategic Roadmapping

The grant ensures businesses not only identify gaps in their current digital strategy but also craft a robust roadmap for the future, pinpointing areas of improvement and innovation.

Risk Mitigation

With a significant portion of costs covered, businesses can be more adventurous in their digital endeavours, testing new strategies and technologies with reduced financial risk.

Enhanced Digital Capabilities

The grant supports businesses in enhancing their digital capabilities, allowing for exploration of advanced technologies and strategies to stay competitive in the digital landscape.

Who can benefit from the digital discovery grant

The Digital Discovery Grant is a game-changer for a broad spectrum of businesses. Established firms eyeing digital upgrades, start-ups charting their digital course, and even global enterprises entering the Irish market can harness its benefits to optimise their digital strategies.

How The Agile Executive can help businesses secure the digital discovery grant

Expert navigation

Guide businesses through the grant application maze, ensuring all prerequisites are met.

Strategic alignment

Tailor digital strategies to align with grant requirements, maximising approval chances.

Deep industry insights

Leverage extensive knowledge of Enterprise Ireland's preferences and priorities.

End-to-end support

Offer continuous assistance from initial application to final grant acquisition.

Maximised grant utilisation

Ensure businesses fully leverage the grant's benefits for optimal digital transformation.

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